Baby Lulu Fabrics

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*Note: I have not added pictures of all of the fabrics yet.  Please email me if you need a picture.  Thanks.



Nordstrom's Exclusive ~ Fall 2004  

   (Click line name to see images)

Liberty Rose ~ Large and Small Floral Print


Online Boutique Exclusive ~ Fall 2004  

   (Click line name to see images)

Raspberry Mum ~ Small Floral Print


Spring 2004   

(Click line name to see images)

Hydrangea ~ Hydrangea and Forget-Me-Nots    

Spring Daisy ~ Spring Daisy and Picnic    

Morning Glory ~ Morning Glory and Lily   

Southern Rose ~ Southern Rose and Floral Vines    


 Cruise 2003    

(Click line name to see images)

Hibiscus ~ Hibiscus and Dots

Lotus Batik ~ Lotus Batik and Hampton

Fleur Royale ~ Fleur Royale and Pink Chenille


Holiday 2003      

(Click line name to see images)

Poinsettia ~ Poinsettia Velour and Red Velour


Fall 2003

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Crimson Rose ~ Crimson Rose and French Garden

Sampson Floral ~ Sampson Floral and Suzanna Vines

Penelope ~ Penelope and Smaller Winter Vines


Nordstrom's Exclusive ~ Fall 2003  

   (Click line name to see images)

Azalea ~ Large Floral Print and Small Floral Print


Spring 2003    (Click 2003 to see images)

Pink Cornflower ~ Pink Cornflower and Pink Poppies

Purple Camellia ~ Purple Camellia and Bachelor Button

Honey Suckle ~ Honey Suckle

Floral  Fantasy ~ Floral Fantasy and Butterfly


Cruise 2003

Amaryllis ~ Amaryllis, Nosegay, and Striped Knit

Rose Field ~ Rose Field and Tea Rose

Sweet Pea ~ Sweet Pea and Cornflower

Fall 2002

Fall Poppies ~ Poppy Velour and Striped Velour

Autumn Leaves ~ Leaf and Strawflower

Red Roses ~ Red Roses and Verbena


Nordstrom's Exclusive ~ Fall 2002

Rose Bouquet ~ Large Rose Print and Smaller Rose Print

Spring 2002

Pink Mums ~ Pink Mum and Primrose

China Rose ~ China Rose and Morning Glory

Citrus ~ Citrus Fruit and Terry Striped

Cruise 2001

Fuchsia ~ Fuchsia and Aster

Rising Sun ~ Rising Sun and Snapdragon

Oleander ~ Oleander and Striped Knit

Fall 2001

Bellflower ~ Pink Chenille and Bellflower

Pansy ~ Pansy and Petunia

Geraniums ~ Geraniums and Daisy Cluster


Nordstrom's Exclusive ~ Fall 2001

English Rose ~ English Rose and Basic Lavender Knit

Spring 2001

Impatiens ~ Impatiens and Cornflower

Begonia ~ Begonia

Sunburst ~ Sunburst (SOLD OUT) and Plaid (SOLD OUT)

Cruise 2000

Tulips ~ Tulips and Trellis

Poppies ~ Poppies and Sweet Williams

Seaside ~ Beach Friends, Bubbles,  and Plaid (very small amount of this)

Fall 2000

Passion Flower ~ Passion Flower and Butterflies (SOLD OUT)

Zinnia ~ Zinnia and
Party Bloom

Waterlilies ~ Waterlilies

Spring 2000

Glorious Rose ~ Glorious Rose and Rose Cluster

Hawaiian Rose ~ Hawaiian Rose and Chloe

Cherries ~ Cherry,  Cherry Cluster and Plaid (very very small amount)

Cruise 1999

Lavender Rose ~ Lavender Rose and Small Rose Print


Fall ~ Autumn Rose ~ Autumn Rose Small Print

Cruise ~ Peony ~ Peony

Spring ~ Daffodils ~ Daffodil  (very limited amount)


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